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Breaking In My Toilet – Part 2…Drink PISS!


Part 2 of the saga! Last time you managed to polish off an entire PLATE of my stinking shit! Now I’m sure you’re parched and could use a drink to wash it down! I’m here all day, and drank a BUNCH of water before feeding you earlier… so I’m going to UNLOAD and DROWN you in my piss!! OPEN YOUR MOUTH and catch it, loser!!

(*I must admit, while pissing all over the place I look a bit dazed at times, was kind of shocked by how surprisingly hard to focus pressure and aim in this pose! Also: no piss category on this site, kind of rare for me to focus on it–so it’s put in the squirting category this time)

Length:  5:10s 
Resolution: 4096x2160
Download Format: mp4
File Size: 732 MB



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