Tasting Big Yummy Shit... You Eat the Rest!
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Tasting Big Yummy Shit… You Eat the Rest!


I’ve gotta shit so bad, I can’t keep it in anymore! I BARELY manage to tell you what I ate the past 2 days but can’t even hold on long enough to finish as I helplessly groundhog my full shitter, it’s too late, I have to shit! I crap a HUGE load, leaving me all messy, and hot, my pussy creaming all over. It smells SO good. You should clean me up back there 😉 I lean over my poop pile and taste it, teasing you while I do–mmm, it’s delicious 😉 I bet now you can’t resist tasting it yourself now, hmm? You eat the rest then, you greedy shit eater!

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