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Shitting On My New Futon and Tasting It


I can’t wait to shit on my new white, faux leather futon! It’s so crisp and stylish, and oh, so innocently white 😉 How could I NOT shit on it? I’ve been dying to get some furniture I can really abuse, and I know this futon and I are gonna have a loong, stinky relationship 😉 I birth a log through my red crotchless panties, moaning from pleasure and relief as it pushes through my tight little anus, telling you how good it feels to stretch my hole and feel it forcing its way out…and then I marvel at my shit with you, feeling it, tasting it–EVEN EATING a little bit, chewing and flashing my tongue after swallowing it down into my throat. Yum! 🙂 I chill for a little while, caressing my fabulous turd and little squiggly patterns of poop on the surface of my soiled futon, enjoying a lazy, “shitty” afternoon… 😉

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