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Poopy Diaper Fun Bundle!


4 Clips for all you diaper loves out there 😉 Here are the clips and descriptions below!

“Dirty Diaper Play-Along! JOI”
A diaper playdate video, for you to have diaper fun alongside me! I will be playing with some toys and sticking my lollipop in my ass when I have soiled my diaper. I love wearing my diaper and telling you how I have to poop–and I waste no time filling my diaper with a HUGE poo. Do you have to poo, too? 🙂 I also feel my diaper flood with piss–it feels so warm and good! Do you like that smell, baby? 🙂 I can see your rock hard peepee through your diaper–why don’t you touch it?

I peel down my SUPER soiled diaper, smearing the shit around my ass while saying how much I love the smell and asking you if you like it too 🙂 Join me in my fun, I stick my lollipop up my ass, smearing it in my poop–and then I stick it in my mouth and lick it up 😉 I fuck my poopy butthole with my cute pink toy, and rub my clit… c’mon, baby 😉 cum with me!

“Pooping My Diaper… Clean Me Up!”
Oooh, I’m really enjoying my diaper… I wore it to bed last night and it felt SO comfortable… kinda exciting to be wearing something designed for you to piss and shit in ? it’s so naughty and free! Do you think I should do it in my diaper then, or just keep enjoying the feeling of wearing it so comfy and clean? While I think about it, why don’t I describe how it feels holding in my turd right now, how it’s just begging to burst out my tight little hole…ooh, I need to fart, why don’t I do that right on your face? ? Can you smell my shit up there?

I decide to poop my diaper for you, and moan at the sensation of birthing a turd–and loving how warm it feels in my diaper, pressed up against my pussy… I’m getting wet from the feeling and the smell… sooo good! I wriggle my bulging diaper in your face, telling you to lick it–can you taste my shit through my diaper? ? Do you like it? Do you want me to SHOW you how dirty it is in there? I tease you, giving you little peeks…before I peel off my diaper and all my turds tumble out.. now look at what a dirty girl I am! Wanna clean me up? Of course you do… how about using your tongue? ?

*And again yes, my active lifestyle has led to a few little bruises on the back of one of my legs… but a dirty girl can’t help but still have fun, can she? 😉 *

“First DIAPER POOP Ever!”
First time pooping diapers (as an adult)! 🙂 I’ve put one on before, teasing you and taking it off at the last minute to shit in your lap, but this vid shows the first time I ever filled a diaper all the way~ I talk to you about how soft the diaper is, now snug it fits and how comfortable it is–and I fill it with my load, you can see it push the plastic material out as I pinch loafs out my ass! I compare the sensation and the differences between diaper pooping and panty pooping, and peel off my diaper to show you the filthy load inside and show off my dirty ass! Who’s been a bad girl? 😉

“Turn Me Into Your SCAT Wife”
You’re across the living room from your wife, watching TV, when she starts to feel her tummy grumble and her bladder ache. She runs off to the bathroom but comes back in dismay as the door is locked from the inside. You laugh at her predicament and shrug it off, and continue to watch TV. She scolds you for laughing and accusing you of pranking her, begins to stress and worry, but remembers she has big size Pull-ups in the house from an old Halloween costume she dressed up in last year. She runs off and grabs one, holding it in front of her and laughing, saying if you want to be jerk, than you can deal with the smell and mess later. Your housewife gets off your old couch and bends over in her yoga pants, teasing you with her ass, and she begins to fart and bubble in them. She notices you become aroused, and taunts you for it, but keeps going, putting her farting ass even closer in your face, getting aroused herself because it’s so taboo–she had no idea you were such a pervert!

Your wife really has to go super bad now, and she tells you to close your eyes as she dresses into the diaper, which she shows off and farts and masturbates in on the floor so you can watch. She starts complaining that she needs to poop so bad, and she tells you off as you laugh at her desperation again… She bends over you, holding her diapered booty, trying to hold in her poop. She warns you she’s about to poop her diaper–but tricks you, pulling it down at the last minute for pranking her and shits right into your lap instead! She pees in a cup too, and decides to punish you, her pervert husband, for making her shit and piss herself in the living room by turning you into her toilet slave–your new scat wife commands you to taste and eat her poop and drink her piss…

All of the following downloads are included when you purchase:
Download #1:
Length: 11:19s
Resolution: 3840x2160
Download Format: mp4
File Size: 2 GB
Download #2:
Length: 7:44s
Resolution: 1920x1080
Download Format: mp4
File Size: 334 MB
Download #3:
Length: 11:03s
Resolution: 1920x1080
Download Format: mp4
File Size: 437 MB
Download #4:
Length: 5:02s
Resolution: 1920x1080
Download Format: mp4
File Size: 166 MB



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