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Giant Woman Shits Out Tiny Man


Oh! And where do you think you’re going, little man? So, thought you could escape the Giantess Lair through the back door? I laugh at you as you stand, paralyzed in fear and defeat. You know there’s no escape now. What should I do with you, puny human? Eat you? Boil you alive? I know–why don’t I have a little fun with you? I squat down, my giant woman body dwarfing you as I blow ripe farts right in your face. How’s the smell, little slave? I’m going to suffocate you with my farts… all you’re allowed to breathe is my gas! I pick you up and shove you right against my asshole, popping farts over and over all over your face. Can you smell the turd I have up there? Haha, why don’t I REALLY have fun? I shove your little body head-first up my asshole–Oh, I LOVE feeling you struggle up there! I bend over and shit you out of my giant asshole like 100 feet off the ground, and push out a huge load of Giantess Shit all over you. I can’t wait to see if you’ve survived 😉

Length:  7:45s 
Resolution: 1920x1080
Download Format: mp4
File Size: 290 MB

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