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Eat Your Sister’s Shit!


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Your big sister’s here to ruin your life–but don’t you worry too much, I think you’ll enjoy it… after all, you keep spying on me in the bathroom, don’t you? Watching me take a shit, getting undressed, showering… you really think I’d just let you keep doing this without you getting caught? Without you getting punished? Now you gotta do anything I tell you, or I’ll tell mom and dad, and worse, I’ll post proof of your dirty spying online… now, let’s see what we should do for a punishment… I know! Since you like watching me pinching loafs on the toilet so much, why don’t you just BECOME your big sister’s new toilet? 🙂 Oh, don’t cry, you know you’ve been envious of our porcelaine throne every time you watched me shitting in it while beating off, haven’t you? That’s right–get under your big sister and open wide, as I slowly push out a thick turd into your mouth…

Length:  8:59s 
Resolution: 1920x1080
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1 review for Eat Your Sister’s Shit!

  1. earthysensuality
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    The camera angles give Rachelle palpable power over the viewer, and it’s so hot when she says, “Now you’re right where you belong.” This made me want to be her toilet slave.

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