Paying Private Tutor Part 2! Shart DESTRUCTION!
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Paying Private Tutor Part 2! Shart DESTRUCTION!


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Sequel to “Pooping & Cumming In My Panties For Private Tutor! ;)”

I’m back! Ever since I’ve come to see you for tutoring, I’ve become a straight A student 😉 And you’ve also opened up my world to the joys of pooping my panties, which I love to do for you, it makes me so horny each time, I always cum…! But today, I’ve got a bunch of gas instead 😉 Will you accept payment for tutoring in farts today? I hope so, because they are RANK.

I begin blowing ass in your face before, oops! I’m having some real SHARTS! I keep going and just DESTROY my panties 😉 I keep farting over and over with my filthy cheeks pulled back, caked in crap as I fart over and over again, overpowering your senses! I hope that and my ruined pink pair of panties makes the perfect payment for you…. can’t wait to do this again! 😉

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1 review for Paying Private Tutor Part 2! Shart DESTRUCTION!

  1. atlantique
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    oh…mmmy..ggoddd. how in the world did you top the prequel xD these videos are like a drug x) you feel so relaxed after basically non stop ejaculating and wishing you were that camera she uses x)

    this video specifically toward the end has an uncut close up butthole shart that lasts what feels like forever and ends with her hole gaping while leaking some of her anal mucous O_O it is single handedly a justifiable reason in-it-of-itself to buy this clip, minus everything else in the clip being incredible as well. goddamn if I were that lucky tutor I’d have stuck my tongue in her gape after that shart 😉

    this tutee character you do is.. incredible xD

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