How I Discovered My Love For Poop <3

Hey guys! 🙂 Last time I talked a bit about the scat porn that I like, and this time I’m going deeper into my scat love by sharing with all of you a short sample of my video, “I Love Shit and Scat Porn! How I Discovered My Love for Poop” off my EroProfile page. I’ve […]


Scat Porn Gets Me Off ;)

Some of you may already know about my history of loving scat porn for the better part of a decade from my Reddit AMA: Ask Me Anything, and how it turns my crank harder than anything else <3 I love vids and gifs, and audio with farting is definitely a turn on. I thought I’d […]


Sexy Shitting…

In my new video, 5 Smelly Poops, I birth this beautiful looking shit and just can’t help but admire how it comes out. I’m not usually turned on by watching videos of myself poo, but I love watching this so much I made this custom clip just so I can enjoy watching my favorite part over […]