Recovery From Emergency Surgery: Update! :)

“I’m getting better!”  Maybe that line conjures flashbacks from some old movie you saw way back, where some old man slung over a filthy villager’s shoulder protests his being tossed into the plague wagon, and doesn’t fool anyone. Or maybe you didn’t grow up with Monty Python–in either case, I’m happy to say that I […]



Woo, Vacation! You can still buy my vids and put in shippable orders, but I won’t be mailing anything or filming, or doing a lot of correspondence until I get back! If you’ve put in a shippable order this month and haven’t received it yet,  it means it’s still pending payment confirmation from the site […]


AMA: Ask Me Anything, Part 2! :)

You watched, you bought, you asked, and I listened 🙂 I’m so excited to answer all the questions I got from you  this past month! Like the title says, this is my second AMA: Ask Me Anything, and those curious to know more about me can read my first one right here! Will you ever […]



Mm-mmm! You all begged for more, and your Mistress heard your pleas. Open wide, slaves! I’ve got not one, not two, but THREE new delicious shit and piss shippables for you to gobble down, and revere your Mistress 😉 Each shippable order comes with a FREE  how-to video on how I make these delectable poopy […]


Beginners Guide to Eating My Shit

One of the most commonly asked questions I get from beginners to eating scat, is where to even start! 🙂 And it’s no wonder, when I have over a half a dozen different scat treats to choose from. Being intimidated by eating a raw load of shit on your first try is totally natural, and […]


Introducing… the Poo Poo Platter!

Now that I’ve made not just brownies, chocolate shit cookie sandwiches and twinkies, but also muffins, and finally, poo-nut butter cups, I’ve decided it’s time to treat all you bulk-fans who wanna try sampling all my delicious treats! And how can I blame you? I’ve tasted my shit, and my tasty brownies, muffins and cups […]


First Time Eating SHIT On Camera!

I’ve sold my poop and had it eaten by countless fans in the past few months, either in the form of brownies, twinkies, cookies or even just whole loads of my raw shit, and I’m happy to announce that recently, I’ve joined all of you and started eating my shit, too! I’m starting small and […]